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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ohh my goat!! it's Backkk~

Each time i watched the McD Prosperity Burger on TV i feel like licking the TV screen..hahaha..melampau!! Like the year before this year McDonald's has once again rolled out its popular Prosperity Burgers, which will be on sale for a short period during the Chinese New Year festival season.

Gosh I'm dying to have a bite of  The double beef burger which  has two long rectangular beef patties instead of just one, which makes it look even bigger and larger. Gulp!! It makes my mouth watered..Every year the prosperity burger sauce is slightly different, and this year is no exception. The burger sauce is even more spicier than last year, with an extra strong spice in pepper. Another way to describe this is that one can literally feel like a dragon with fire shooting out of the mouth.Whooaaaaa!!

Huh..must must must have it tomorrow..By hook or by crook I'll ask my hubby to bring me to any nearest McD..yeaaaaaaaaaaa..Parappappapaaaaaaaa..I'm Lovin' It

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