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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

15 random things, facts, habits or goals

1. I've won an award voted by students 'Guru Paling Ceria' on Teacher's Day 2009 :)
2. I love songs from Soko..sweet but naughty
3. I have 5 ex-bfs

4. I like talking to myself in the mirror
5. I have an irritating roommate

6. I wanna be a "Guru Cemerlang" 7 years later

7. I'll bite my nails when i'm bored, stress, nervous.

8. M
y favourite website is www.blogspot.com
9. I wanna lose weight
I hate reading
11.When i was 14, i was the biggest fan of The Moffatts
. now..not anymore
I want to buy my own house..very soon
13.I dye my hair purple when I was 20

I love blind dating
15.I don't like Jawa food (tempe,sambal goreng)

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